Thursday, February 21, 2019

Jen's Crafty Place with a Vinyl Wine Glass Project

Happy New Year!! This is Jenny from Jen's Crafty Place with my first post of the year for Miss Kate Cuttables.

Today I am doing a vinyl project for Miss Kate Cuttables. I want to remind you to head over to Miss Kate Cuttables for a daily FREEBIE!!

I did a adorable "love" saying with vinyl. It is layered but EASY to do. I had 2 shades of blue so I did the heart in blue. You can choose any colors or just do it with one layer of red. I purchased the file called "Word Love Set" from Miss Kate Cuttables. This idea can be done with just about any word set so look around and find one you like. (My directions will be for the love file but the idea is the same for all.) Open up your favorite cutting program. I used the Silhouette program to cut it with my Cameo 3.

As you can see above I took the layers apart and placed them on my mat in three places. Each item is a different color. This way I can cut them all with one pass through the cutter. I placed a piece of black vinyl at the top left large enough to fit the image "love". I then placed the two layers of the heart in the top right and bottom right of my mat, just like in the image above. I set my cutting tool to "vinyl glossy" since my vinyl is glossy and then hit "send". The machine cut them out beautifully. (I also want to mention I placed squares around each of my images for easier weeding.)

After I cut the items out I weeded them (weeding means to remove all the extra vinyl you aren't going to use for the project.) Then take some transfer tape and lift off the darker heart. Place it over the black heart space on the word "love" and adhere. Next, lift off the lighter heart and place it over the darker heart. This makes it easier to place it on the curved surface if all your layers are already on the project.

Lastly, make sure your item is clean (if using glass, use some alcohol to wipe the area down to remove any finger prints, oil from your hands or any dust) and lift the whole design with your transfer tape and adhere to your final project. Make sure you rub the vinyl down to get good adhesion. For a bonus, the tiny heart that was cut out of the larger heart, I place it at the end of my "e" for a little pop of color at the end. That's it! Project done and ready to use!!

I hope you enjoyed today's project! Make sure you stop by my blog and up for my newsletter so you don't miss any upcoming projects!


  1. Jenny... I "Love" this "Love" glass... Using vinyl to decorate glasses is so fun and you can do it in any theme for parties and occasions. You did a great job on this project!

  2. this is so great....i LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  3. Replies
    1. Perfect svg for that wine glass ! (Who doesn't love wine??!!) So cute !

  4. Totally out of the box thinking just love that! Great project!

    1. Thank you!! I am not a drinker but I love fancy glasses!!

  5. OOOHH! Your glass is fabulous! From one wine lover to another, awesome creation. :D