Friday, May 5, 2017

Last Day of School Tag

Hello Everyone! 

This is Georgiana from Carson's Creations and today is my day to post. Before I share my design team project,  I want to remind you there is a free file that you can download every day. YES! Every day a new and different one. Be sure to get yours today!

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Here is my Design Team project...
I am thinking about the end of the year and what to make for my students since there are only three weeks of school left. 

I am not sure if I am going to give them bubbles, or candy, or maybe a summer book, but I think the tag will be perfect with what ever I finally decide. The Last Day of School title can be found here.
Miss Kate Cuttables has LOTS of files to choose from, so check them out today. 

Stay Creative,


  1. You are so good to your students! The tag is wonderful. Enjoy your last few weeks of school!

  2. Your students are going to love this!

  3. super cute!! you are such a fab teacher!! and only 3 weeks left - wow!! we are going to the end of June here due to several snow days this winter!

  4. so simple and fun

  5. Very nice of you to give your students an end of year gift - fab tag!

  6. This is so sweet! You must be an awesome teacher!

  7. The colors are Popping The Kids Are Gonna Love It.

  8. Those are so cute. Great colors!!!